Servicing and Parts

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your future goodwill by keeping you satisfied with your car or van for the duration of your ownership. Each of our dealerships boasts a wide assortment of service plans, insurance schemes and warranty policies that guarantee you greater peace of mind and financial predictability.

At Anthony Motors, we pride ourselves on ensuring that cars are in the best condition possible when they are sold to customers. However, all vehicles encounter damage and deterioration (not to mention the possibility of accidents) and will inevitably need maintenance or repairs at some point.

Our fully-trained service department will work hard to resolve any issues you may experience with your new or used car. By including one of our flexible servicing or parts and accessories packages in the purchase of your vehicle, you could save a substantial sum of money if your car develops a fault or is involved in an accident at a later date.

Contact Anthony Motors today for more details on the full range of aftersales services we provide.