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Frequent inspections from trained professionals are of the utmost importance in ensuring the safety of your new or used Volkswagen car. The substantial cost of regular servicing, however, can be a nasty surprise – even if your car requires no significant repairs.

At Anthony Motors, we offer two Volkswagen servicing plans, the Time and Distance Service and the LongLife Service Regime. The former is designed for drivers that travel less than 10,000 miles in a year and tend to take shorter journeys in urban areas, while the latter is better for those used to travelling long distances. Both plans offer regular close scrutiny of each one of your Volkswagen’s components, allowing you to remain well-informed about any actual or potential problems with the car.

Our technicians are able to provide comprehensive servicing for your car and will use only the best diagnostic equipment, tools and parts to ensure your vehicle is running in top condition for longer.

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